Developed and implemented a method and standard of customer service from a set of document preparation in an accessible way.

Cooperation Partner:

Associació Lectura Fàcil, Spain

About the Project:

Development and implementation of a new solution (NW) in terms of improving the functioning of LGUs in the area of ​​accessibility covering 2 aspects:
1. Developing a way of providing public services tailored to the needs of people with special needs: a way, guidelines will be developed preparing legal, informational and administrative texts in simple language so as to help the reader understand the message consistent with guidelines of the International Federation of Library Association and Institutions.
2. Developing customer service standards tailored to the needs of people with special needs - within at least one institution: a customer service standard will be developed in the area of ​​preparing legal, information and administrative texts in a simple language (preparation of a standard consisting of the following chapters: Management, Human Resources, Service Implementation, Continuous improvement), which will be implemented in 2 LGUs (including P. the Municipality of Sopot and the City of Warsaw).

Projects co-financed from the European Social Fund.